Recruitment Alert; GES opens portal for Recruitment, Documents needed for this year’s Recruitment.

Graduates from colleges of education had their faith comfounded on their Recruitment wahala, many were of the view that they would not be recruited since some colleagues graduate with degrees from public universities do not get recruited automatically, what then makes Graduates from college of education different from Graduates from the universities.

Fast forward, after completion of their mandatory national service, which ended December 2023, the Graduates were in a dilemma as to when the financial clearance will be secured and followed by their Recruitment.

Ghana Education service has been able to secure a financial clearance to recruit the Graduates from colleges of education who have successfully gone through their mandatory national service and have passed the National Teaching Council licensure examination.

Below is the release from education strive with the required documents;

The Ghana Education Service is requesting for applications from qualified trained teachers who graduated with first degree from only Public Colleges of Education, to be considered for employment.

1. Job Purpose

To facilitate Learning using 21st Century technology

Continuously improve learner’s ability to research using new technologies

Teach highly motivated learners, cater for learners with different learning

abilities and help them achieve excellent academic results

• Attend relevant and continuous professional development sessions

Use a variety of assessment tools and tasks to accurately assess levels of learners’ competency

Any other responsibility that would be assigned to you by your Head of Institution

2. Applicant must meet the following criteria for consideration:

Completed College of Education in 2022 and has no outstanding examination or referrals.

Completed the mandatory National Service.

Apply through the GES portal

Ready to work wherever his/her services would be needed.

Ready to work wherever his/her services would be needed.

from 15th May, 2024 to 17th June, 2024

3. All applicants are requested to upload the following:

•Degree Certificate

NSS Certificate

NTC Licensure Number

Ghana card

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