Welfare Of Teachers; President of CCT, announces his salary after 19years of service.

Recently, teacher unions declared a strike action against some conditions of service.

Teachers are however been taken for granted for too long, their students who get recruited into some security services turns to receive a higher salary than their teachers who have been in the service for some number of years.

Close conversation with some pensioners who were teachers revealed that they had so much passion for the job but they later released their passion was not paying enough but it was too later for them to quit. one of them recounted that a boy he took care of throughout his basic education who later became a member of Parliament made him believe he was not working but was only helping the society without any benefit.

King Ali Awudu, president of one of the teacher associations in Ghana made it clear this afternoon on hot issues on Tv3 that, he has been in the teaching profession for 19years and only earns Gh4,066 cedis at a rank of deputy Director, his statement has triggered many  non teachers and some citizens talking that, the rumour that teachers are not paid well were treated as a mere saying but teaching for 19years and been paid 4066 is not the best.

One of them said ” my degree will forever remain in my bag when teachers who taught me do not receive 5000gh monthly salary as a net salary, I will definitely join the security service with my degree after all I will be paid well”.

Teachers must team up for a better conditions of service in other not to feel the heat at oldage or after retirement, when responsibilities doubles.

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