Why should you study in Malta🇲🇹?

Malta 🇲🇹 is the ONLY English-speaking country I know in the Schengen region.

This means a visa from here gives you access to other Schengen countries.

You won’t be dealing with language barriers as well. The cost of living is relatively affordable.

Why should you study in Malta🇲🇹?

1. You do not need IELTS/GRE

2. You do not need a supervisor for MSc admission.

3. No form of Legalization or authentication.

4. No visa appointment date hassles.

5. Programs are straight to the point with internship packages.

6. You get your PR in 5 years.

7. You need (12-13k USD) for everything

8. The whole process is 3-4 months.

9. Your family CANNOT move with you immediately.

Here are the requirements for admission & Visa processing:

1. Academic CV

2. Scanned copies of your transcript

3. International Passport


5. Personal Statement

6. One reference letter from either your lecturer or current employer (on a letter headed paper, fully signed and stamped).

7. One passport-sized photo on a white background.

Here are the programs available to international students;

1. Master of Science in marketing management – 18 months

2. Masters of business in Logistics and Supply chain- 18 months

3. Master of science management – 18 months

4. Master of science leadership and change management – 18 months

5. Master of science in marketing management – 18 months

6. Master of science in management with Human resources – 18 months

7. Master of science in Tourism & Events management – 18 months

8. Master of Science in Health and social care management – 18 months

Undergraduate applicants;

1. BA in Management – 36 months

2. BA in Marketing – 36 months

3. BA in Management with Human Resources Management – 3 years

4. BA in Tourism and Events Management – 36 months

5. BA in Accounting and Finance – 36 months

6. BA in Human Resources – 36 months

7. BA in Management with Psychology – 3 years

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