Just In:Teacher Unions express dissatisfaction with Government’s handling of ongoing negotiations.


Teacher unions have been blamed for some number of years for not being up and doing but only interested in increasing dues and bringing policies to drain teachers.

This time the teacher unions declared a strike action against government for not responding to their condition of service, which was later called off for some reasons.

upon the back and forth of meeting with the government, a letter has been released which reads;

We write with the highest level of disappointment the lacklustre attitude of Government to the negotiations with regards to the Conditions of Service of the Ghanaian Teacher since the strike was called off.

All this while, our negotiations have not achieved any meaningful outcome. More disappointing is the fact that the Government Team does not seem to have the requisite mandate to respond adequately to our demands.

In the light of the above situation, we will like to caution the general public and the government that in the event of any brouhaha at the Pre-tertiary level, Teacher Union Leaders must not be blamed.

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