USA 🇺🇸 Universities that are waiving application fees and fully funding Scholarship Opportunities.

17 USA🇺🇸 Universities that are waiving application fees and offering full funding/ scholarship opportunities.

1:  Northwestern Oklahoma State University(No application fee , scholarship available)

2: University of Southern Maine –

3: Wayne State University. (For Graduate the application is waived, for Bsc use the code “WSU2024) (graduate GTA available)

4: Missouri University of Science & Technology –

5: University of Dayton (All programs are waived)

6: Northeastern University, College of Engineering – (Engineering course free application fee) but all PhD programs get funding.

7: Michigan Tech University. charges only processing fee of $10. (PhD funding is available)

8: Notre Dame University.(they have application fee but 100% funding)

All the admitted Masters and PhD students get full funding. No tuition fee is attached.

70% of Bachelor’s students get scholarship.

9: University of Colorado Boulder; (No application fee for all PhD programs)

10: West Virginia Tech University. (Automatically considered for scholarship. no app fee)

11: University of Cornel. (Application fee can be requested during application) Most Masters and PhD are funded.

12: Michigan University Dearborn.

(No application for bsc/Undergraduate, Automatic Scholarship consideration)

13: University of St. Thomas, Minnesota (No Application FEE, All undergraduates are considered for scholarship)

14: Denison University (No app fee)

15: University of Lynchburg

16: New Mexico State University. (No app fee for chemistry and biochemistry Masters and PhD. Automatic funding once admitted)

17: University of South Carolina. (This school get funding. one of my people is already on the process. No application fee for Masters)

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