Side hustle business ideas and It relevance..

  1. It is obvious salaries are monthly stipends paid to ensure your survival for a period.

Teachers are not expected to become millionaires when relying on only monthly salaries or a stream of financial flow,hence it is very brilliant for teachers to enter into a side hustle.

Teachers engaging in side businesses can benefit in several ways:

Supplementary Income: Side businesses offer an additional income stream, helping teachers supplement their salaries. This can be especially significant given the often modest compensation in the education sector.
Financial Stability: Diversifying income through a side business can contribute to greater financial stability. Teachers may find it helpful in managing unexpected expenses or saving for future goals.
Skill Enhancement: Operating a side business exposes teachers to various skills beyond their educational expertise. This diverse skill set can include marketing, financial management, customer service, and entrepreneurship, which can enhance their overall professional profile.

Real-World Application: Teachers can bring practical, real-world examples into their classrooms based on experiences from their side businesses. This enriches the educational experience by connecting theoretical concepts to practical applications.
Entrepreneurial Mindset: Managing a side business cultivates an entrepreneurial mindset, fostering creativity, adaptability, and problem-solving skills. These qualities can positively influence teaching methods and approaches.
Networking Opportunities: Running a side business provides opportunities for networking outside the education sector. This expanded network can lead to collaborations, partnerships, or even opportunities for students.

Job Satisfaction: The sense of accomplishment and autonomy derived from successfully managing a side business can contribute to increased job satisfaction. This positive mindset can, in turn, benefit the teacher’s effectiveness in the classroom.
However, it’s crucial for teachers to strike a balance, ensuring their side business activities do not compromise their primary teaching responsibilities. Time management, clear priorities, and adherence to professional ethical standards are essential to maintaining this equilibrium.

Below are some business opportunities, depending on area;

1. Fried rice business

2. Barbering shop.

3. Cold store.


5. Fufu pounding machine

6. Pampers shop/Children boutique

7. Egg Selling

8. Rental services.

9. Polythene bags.

10. Bolehole drilling

11. Snail business.

12. Farming( okro, tomatoes, Garden eggs, plantain, coconut etc)


13. Over the counter.

These are few to mention, never underestimate any of the above business, they all fetch money depending on the area.

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4 thoughts on “Side hustle business ideas and It relevance..”

  1. Thank you for the update. I think the first thing that should have been mentioned to teachers is, establishing a school.

  2. Teaching as a profession, have enoumous tasks to perform daily.
    Teachers need environments that will make them face their day to day routines in school.
    All that Teachers want are enhanced conditions of service backed by improved and satisfying salaries.


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