How to check the authenticity of your appointment letter.

How to check the authenticity of your appointment letter.

Good morning, members of the press, colleague-Directors
and staff herein present. I welcome you all to this press
briefing by the Management of the Ghana Education
Service (GES). We are profoundly grateful to you for
honouring this invitation, even on short notice. We invited you
here to brief you on the newly introduced ‘self-posting’
module for recruiting the first batch of degree holders (2022)
from the Public Colleges of Education.
On 11 May 2024, the Ghana Education Service (GES) invited
applications from qualified, trained teachers who graduated
with degrees from the Public Colleges of Education to be
considered for employment.
As has been the norm, the Service received applications
from 21,010 interested applicants. Out of this number, 12,784
graduates from the Public Colleges of Education were
We wish to inform the general public that all the 2022
graduates from Public Colleges of Education who applied for
recruitment via the platform
and satisfied all the requirements should visit the portal from
5th July to 31st July 2024 to select their preferred Region,
District, and School.
The ‘self-posting’ recruitment module has the benefit of
getting newly trained teachers to be posted to regions where
language will not be a barrier. Thus, they can speak the local
language (L1) to create a more effective teaching and
learning environment. In addition, the teachers get the opportunity to select schools close to their families and enjoy
the associated economic support.
Qualified applicants must follow the following steps to access
their appointment letters:
1. Visit the portal.
2. Enter your College Index Number to verify your
3. Enter your phone number and NTC number accurately.
This is crucial for validation and your successful
4. A One-Time Password (OTP) will be sent to the phone
number provided.
5. Enter your OTP.
6. Carefully select the preferred Region, District and
School and submit.
7. Save and print out the Appointment Letter.
Applicants must note that all Appointment Letters have a QR
Code for validation. Thus, you can simply scan the QR code with your smartphone to check its authenticity. The
introduction of the QR code seeks to eliminate the incidence
of fake appointment letters.
Successful Applicants must proceed to their respective
Regional Education Directorates with their Ghana Card and
other necessary documents for verification and further directives.

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