Guide to Ghana Education Service (GES) Employment Requirements and Process

Guide to Ghana Education Service (GES) Employment Requirements and Process.

Ghana Education Service (GES) is an Agency under the Ministry of Education (MOE) mandated to em- ploy trained and professional teaching and non teaching staff to serve at the sector. Offering appoint- ment, there requirements GES expects from applicants, who seek to be employed by the service.

For decades, GES has employed millions of teachers onto the field to provide their services to the nation. Out these millions of teachers, reports have it that some thousands of them quitted the job and travelled out of the country in search for greener pastures on the western lands. Their resignation comes as a result of low concerns for teachers’ conditions of service, insufficent salary payment and unpaid allowances of those teachers in deprived communities, who were promised tokens for teaching in villages.

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According to the Ghana Education Service, before one can have a complete application and be em- ployed by it into any school to teach he/she must have certain documents. These documents serve as evidence for one to pass through the gateway of the application or employment process.

It must be noted that once you have all of these documents, your employed is assured. However, if you fail to have a complete box of documents, your appointment or employment may either be delayed or denied.

Again, if you have all documents but have unmatched information on them, you have a problem to solve first be proceeding to get employment from GES. For instance you have your names spelt wrong- ly or you have different names on different documents, you need to correct those mistakes before you start the employment process. Even when your date of birth is different on different documents, you must correct that. You can seek the intervention of affidavit, where you use it to support your applica- tion/employment procedure at all levels.

Now, in this article, you are going to know all the requirements to provide for GES employment. Brief details are added for you to know the purpose of collecting these documents.

For Appointment at the Headquarters/National Level

To get through the national level with your appointment journey, you need the below documents as requirements for GES posting.

College or University Index Number.

This is one of the most important details one must provide. The reason for taking this detail is to veri- fy/evince that you have actually attended such particularly higher school you would claim you have been to. This is an important document of all the GES requirements.

NSS Number

Anyone who has completed a higher education is supposed to mandatorily serve the nation for a year.

After a year compulsory service to the nation, such personnel is given a certificate, which merits the truth of working for the nation. To confirm this, GES intend to use the National Service Scheme (NSS) number to access more information from the scheme on you.

NTC Index Number

GES also needs National Teaching Council Index Number, to be sure that you sat for Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination.

Ghana Card Number

To prove that you are a true Ghanaian, your Ghana Card number is required. Any lie or forgery may have consequences on your life and employment.

After Appointment-Regional Level

After going through the process at the National/Headquarters, applicants need to move to Regional to continue the process. You are supposed to go the region where you are posted to, keep this in mind as many people have confusions over the years.

Appointment Letter (Coloured Original)

Once posting is out, appointment letter is given to deserving applicants. So when you are with nation- al, send a coloured copy of your appointment letter to the regional office of the GES for further process to continue.

Acceptance Letter(Original)

Once you issued an appointment letter, you are also given acceptance letter by National. This docu- ment requires from you to tender that you accept the appointment given you by GES and want to its employee.

College/University Certificate

A photocopy of your higher education certificate will be required of you when you go to the regional office. So make it available for a smooth process. This is also to prove that you acquired higher educa- tion and deem fit for the job.

WASSCE Certificate

West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) certificate is another requirement for applicants to undergo a successful employment process. Knowing and presenting a photocopy of this document will ease the procedure.

JHS Certificate or Results (Not compulsory)

Junior High Certificate or results slip is also needed in some cases. However, this vary in some regions. If applicants are required to present it, only a copy is needed.

NSS Certificate

To also prove at the regional level that you have completed your mandatory national service, you will be required to submit a copy of your NSS certificate.

NTC License Certificate

Applicants will also be asked to submit their NTC certificate/license to prove that they have passed the all the papers they sat for. Only a copy of this is required.

Medical Report

This is another important document for the process to complete at the regional level. Applicants must present original copy of medical report, signed and stamped by a qualified/professional head doctor.

Birth Cert

To prove your natural identity, your birth certificate is required by the GES’ regional office. A copy of this in your backpack can lessen your worries at the office.

Ghana Card

Do not forget to also carry your Ghana Card along when going to the regional office.

Voter ID

You may also be asked to submit a copy of your voter’s Identification Card or number. Get it along as well.

SSNIT Card or Number

GES’ regional office will also ask for your social security card or number in order to complete the process. If you have, take a copy along, or apply for one before you go the GES’ desk.

When all is done, you may be required to leave and wait for confirmation and appointment letter from the regional office. If you are not asked to leave, stay to take this before going back home.

District Level (Four Copies Each)

Once you are through with the regional process, you get back to the district where you are posted to. Below are the documents to present.

Appointment Letter

Submit a photocopy of the Appointment Letter received from the regional office.

Assumption of Duty

The institution/school where you are posted to should give you a document indicating that you have assumed duty. This document should also be added.

Acceptance Letter

Copies of the acceptance letter given to you by GES must also be added and submitted with other doc uments to the district directorate office.

College/University Certificate

Copies of college or university certificate should also be added just as done at the regional level.

NSS Certificate

Never forget to also add copies of National Service Scheme certificate to the documents to show that you have served the nation for a year.

WASSCE Certificate

Second cycle education certificate is also needed at the district office of GES, carry copies along.

JHS Certificate/Results Slip

Even though this is not compulsory, it is better to get copies of it along so you do not get stranded at the district office.

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NTC License Certificate

Applicants must also not forget that NTC license is needed at the district level just as done at the re-gional office.

Medical Report

Before you give out the original copy of the medical report to the regional office, run photocopies and add to documents meant for district level.

Birth Cert

Copies of birth certificate are again required at the district office of the Ghana Education Service.

Ghana Card

Do not forget to add copies of National Identification Card to the district office.

Voter ID

Add copies of Voter’s identity card to the documents.

SSNIT Card or Number

SSNIT number should also not be absent from from documents meant for the district office.

Finally, the office will give you form (s) to enter your BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS and details of your next of kin.

While you are done with all these, you will have to start working and be expecting Staff Identification Card or Number.

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