2024 BECE:Teachers and Invigilators Arrested for Exam Malpractice in Bekwai and Bono Region

2024 BECE:Teachers and Invigilators Arrested for Exam Malpractice in Bekwai and Bono Region.

2024 BECE: *3 teachers arrested in Bekwai, 2 invigilators arrested in Bono Region*

Two invigilators in the Bono Region and three teachers in Bekwai have been taken into custody.

Education expert Dr. Peter Anti-Partey claims that teachers have been told not to instruct pupils in the test rooms.

The steps taken by WAEC to stop examination malpractice include this arrest.

“Teachers are supposed to prepare students for the exam, and that is where it ends. You are not supposed to get into the examination center and engage in examination malpractice, no matter how critical the situation is.”

“I believe that WAEC should make official complaints to the National Teaching Council so that their licenses will be withheld so that it will serve as a deterrent to other teachers who would want to put their professional lives on the line because their students are writing exams and will use any devious ways to ensure that their students pass.”

Dr. Anti-Partey suggested that WAEC should formally report such cases to the National Security Council to ensure that the licenses of guilty teachers are revoked.

WAEC’s Head of Corporate Affairs, John Kapi, stated that the apprehended invigilators are currently in police custody.

According to him, further details will be communicated to the public.

“As we speak, we have also picked up two teachers from a center in the Bono Region. They are facilitators of some basic schools in the area, and they also had a link person who was taking some pictures from the examination hall and sending them to them to solve for the children. So they have also been handed to the police.”

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